Hi!  I’m Brisco.  I was a happy, healthy 4 year old Chocolate Cocker Spaniel until last February, when I became ill and my pack leaders took me to the Vet to find out what was wrong with me.  In March, I was diagnosed with a mysterious type of liver failure.  The Vet ran every test in the book on me, but couldn’t figure out what was causing it – all tests were negative.  I couldn’t eat, my stool was black and tarry, I was gassy, and my abdomen filled with fluid.

My pack tried to save me, but in June, I crossed over to that Happy Hunting Ground in the sky.  After an autopsy, only one conclusion made sense – contaminated food from a major corporation had poisoned me – and maybe even my pack mate, Kharma.

It turns out that the FDA has received about 5600 complaints and over 1000 other dogs have died.  Please follow my Blog, so you can help save other pets like Kharma and me!



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