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2nd Blue Buffalo Recall in 3 Weeks

Cub Size Wilderness Wild Chews have been recalled for potential of salmonella.  This is the second recall of a Blue Buffalo product within 3 weeks.

Blue Buffalo Cub Size Wilderness Wild Chews Recall


Decoding Pet Food Ingredients

The Cornucopia Institute just published articles on toxic ingredients and a shoppers guide to help us make the best choices for our companion animals.   Click on the link below to visit their site:

Decoding Pet Food


Recalls by Brand Name

Wondering whether the brand of pet food you’re buying has ever been recalled?  Look it up on Pets Adviser’s List:

Recalls by Brand Name


Pets Adviser Recall Lists

The Pets Adviser site logged 3 recalls in January 2015 for salmonella and listeria.  They also have a summary of 2014 recalls.  Click on link below:

Pets Adviser Lists


Barkworthies Dog Treats Recall

Chicken Vittles Dog Chews Could Be Contaminated with Salmonella:

Barkworthies Treats Recall

Barkworthies Chicken Vittles
Lot Code: 1254T1
Size: 16 oz. Plastic Pouch
Best Used by Date: May 2016
UPC: 816807011510


PetSmart Recalls Dog Treats for Mold 10-7-2014

October 7, 2014 — PetSmart has announced that Loving Pets Corp is voluntarily recalling specific lots of Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef and Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats due to the potential of mold growth.
PetSmart Logo

The affected products have an expiration date of February 2016. No product images were provided.